New MIDI PRESETS and BANKS for easy access to all faders and features in Soundcraft Ui mixers (Ui12 / Ui16, Ui24R) from any MIDI controller.

Enjoy the freedom of user-defined MIDI control of your MIDI controller with PRESETS and own defined BANKs! Even in MC mode!

You can freely define up to 128 independent MIDI PRESETS / BANKS for any connected MIDI controller ...
... and switch it remotelly via MIDI ...

No matter how many "LAYERS" your MIDI controller has, it's enough 2 commonly unsed buttons for switching presets up and down ...

Set up your own FADERs, GROUPs, AUXs, FXs or VCA sets as needed and as you're used to ...

Working with MIDI PRESETS

If you have all the hardware control (faders, knobs, buttons) assigned to their function in the Ui mixer - in the MAIN table, INPUTS and AUX table, or in the GUITAR table, you can save this setting to the PRESET (1..128).

Go to the MIDI PRESET tab and click the SAVE button in the row where you want to save the PRESET. Confirm your choice and name your settings after saving by clicking on the name line (overwrite "P: 1").

Create a new PRESET

If you want to change the controller assignments to another function or other Ui elements (e.g. another bank / set of faders), first delete the old settings in the table with the "Clear table" button below the table.

Individual MIDI controls (faders, knobs, buttons) are then assigned sequentially to new functions or Ui elements using the "learn" function.

COPY PRESET to another place

You can copy the entire PRESET setting to another location. Click COPY in the row you want to copy the preset from. Now you can go to row where you want to place the preset and click PASTE button.


Simlpy click on "CLEAR" button. The current MIDI setting is retained.

PRESET calling and switching

You can easily load a preset by clicking the FIRST column (MIDI preset number) or you can assign preset switching using the buttons on your MIDI controller in the upper table - rows PRESET +, PRESET - . If you use DAW to control the Ui mixer, you can switch presets directly by MIDI command CC 00..128. You can assign a CC value in the top table.

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